Rodrigo Solana has been taking photographs since he was young, but it´s only in recent years when he discovered a genuine passion for the content of his images. His camera has become an extension of how he sees the world, believing in photography as a form of language. 

        He has been attracted by colors and contrast, searching for movement and light in their infinite versions. In every shot Rodrigo tries to capture a different angle of what we have in front of us everyday, transmitting through his photography a new way of seeing the everyday world.  

“Countless beautiful and breathless moments are right in front of us everyday, but we have lost the ability to perceive them and to be aware of them.” 

           He searches for detail in every space, in every moment and in every object, embodying his personality in every click he takes.  

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.
— Imogen Cunningham